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Local Government Elections – Saturday 19 October 2019


Ever thought about nominating to become a Councillor, but you aren't sure if the role is for you? Then be sure to register for this free webinar to have all your questions answered.

This Webinar focuses on the following key areas:

  • Parliament’s role in creating legislation for Local Government;
  • how to read the Local Government Act 1995 and Regulations;
  • who does what at a Local Government;
  • a Councillor’s personal responsibilities; and
  • consequences of improper conduct.

WALGA’S Communications webinar will be presented by James McGovern, Manager, Governance. Joining James for the Q&A session will be Lyn Fogg, WALGA’s Governance Advisor and Tony Brown, Executive Director, Governance and Organisational Services.

As with all of our webinars, you will have the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A Session at the end of the presentation. This webinar will be recorded and made available to the public within a few days of the event.

Date:       Thursday, 15 August

Time:       5:00pm – 6.00pm (including presentation and Q&A session)

Be quick to register as places will fill fast.

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 Be A Vocal Local!

Want to know more about your Local Government Elections?

  • The Shire of Laverton has seven Elected Members who represent the Shire as a whole.
  • Local Government Ordinary Elections are held every two years on the third Saturday in October.
  • An Extraordinary Election (By-Election) may be held between the general Ordinary Election cycle of a Council seat should become vacant during that time.
  • The Shire of Laverton uses the ‘in person’ voting system. Details regarding elections are advertised by the Shire closer to the date of the election.
  • Elected Members are elected for a four-year term with half of the Elected Members' terms ending at each two-year election.
  • The Shire President and Deputy President are elected from within Council.

Voter Information

Persons eligible to be enrolled to vote must be over the age of 18 years, be an Australian Citizen and be ordinarily resident in the State of WA or be the owner or occupier of rateable property within the Shire of Laverton.

State Electoral Roll

You are already enrolled to vote in Local Government Elections for the electorate in which you live if you are on the State Electoral Roll as a resident of that address.

If you’ve lived in the Shire of Laverton for more than three months, you’re eligible for inclusion on the State Electoral Roll.

If you are not already on the State Electoral Roll and meet the eligibility criteria, visit the Western Australian Electoral Commission website to obtain an application form.

Voting System

The ‘first past the post’ system is used for Local Government Elections in WA, in which electors indicate the candidate, or candidates, of their choice by placing a tick in the box opposite the names of the chosen persons, up to the number of vacancies to be filled, with candidates being elected in order of the number of votes they receive.

Details of past and forthcoming elections at the Shire of Laverton may be found at the website of the Western Australian Electoral Commission.

Owner Occupier Enrolment

If you are an owner or occupier of a property in the Shire of Laverton and you are enrolled on the State Roll as living outside the Laverton District, or if you are not on any other Roll but meet the eligibility criteria you must apply to be placed on the local (Shire) Owners and Occupiers Roll by lodging an enrolment form with the Shire of Laverton.

A body corporate which owns or occupies rateable property may nominate two persons who are on either the State or Commonwealth electoral rolls to enrol as owner/occupier electors.

There are several provisions which relate to occupiers of property and to persons who are not enrolled on the State Rolls. Please note that if you are unsure of your eligibility status please contact the Shire of Laverton Chief Executive Officer well in advance of any Council election or check your enrolment at the Western Australian Electoral Commission website.


Does the Shire of Laverton have electoral wards?

No, the Shire of Laverton has no wards

Can I vote for the Shire President or Deputy President?

No, the Shire President and Deputy President of the Shire of Laverton are currently elected by the Council from amongst the Elected Members, rather than being directly elected by the electors.

Can I vote in local government elections for the Shire of Laverton?

Yes, as long as you are enrolled on the State Electoral Roll for a residence in the Shire of Laverton, or are on the Shire of Laverton Owner and Occupiers Roll.

Is voting at local government elections compulsory?

No - voting is not compulsory but is highly encouraged.

Does the Shire of Laverton have postal elections?

No, voting for the Shire of Laverton is by the ‘in person’ method as opposed to complete postal voting.

Where can I vote?

The Shire of Laverton conducts its ‘in person’ election on the election (polling) day from 0800 hours to 1800 hours located at the Shire Administration office.  Voting information is available prior to Election Day.

When do candidates nominate to stand for election?

The nomination period opens on the 44th day prior to Election Day and closes at 4pm on the 37th day prior to election.

Voting information such as the Candidates' profiles are displayed by Public Notice prior to Election Day which allows electors adequate time to consider their vote.

When is Local Government Election Day?

The Local Government Election Day held throughout Western Australia for 2019 is on the third Saturday in October. That is, Saturday the 19th of October 2019.

Further Information regarding the forthcoming 2019 Local Government Elections can be obtained by contacting the Chief Executive Officer of the Shire of Laverton on 9031 1202


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