2018/19 Rating Information

Published: Friday, 29 June 2018 at 5:09:57 PM



In accordance with Section 6.36 of the Local Government Act 1995, notice is hereby given of the intention of the Shire of Laverton to levy Differential general rates for 2018/19 as detailed below:

Rate Category

Rate in the $

Minimum Rate

Pastoral Leases - Unimproved Value



Mining - Unimproved Value



Laverton Townsite - Gross Rental Value



Mining - Gross Rental Value




Written submissions from electors and ratepayers about the proposed rate or minimum payment may be made to the Shire of Laverton, 9 MacPherson Place (PO Box 42), Laverton WA 6440 or emailed to ea@laverton.wa.gov.au to reach the undersigned by 5.00 pm on Monday 23 July 2018.



2018/2019 Rates – “Objects and Reasons”

The objective for all Council’s rates is to to meet the shortfall between planned expenditures and expected revenues in order to achieve a balanced budget.

Rate Increase for 2018/2019

For 2018/2019 Council has indicated its intention to increase rates by 3.5%.  Coupled to this, it is proposed to increase the minimum rate charge by 3.5%, from $294 to $304.

The proposed increase of 3.5% has been determined by examining our expected cost increases over the coming year taking note of inflation and wage increases and referencing our Long Term Financial Plan to maintain the financial viability of the Shire.  The 3.5% increase in the minimum charge has been determined by applying a 3.5% increase to the 2017/18 minimum rate and rounding it off to the nearest $1.

Basis of Rates

The basis for calculating property rates is the gross rental values (GRV) and unimproved values (UV) provided for individual properties by Landgate’s Property and Valuations section.  A property’s GRV represents the amount of the gross annual rental the land might obtain if it is let on a tenancy from year to year.  A property’s UV means the amount the land may reasonably be expected to obtain if it was sold, assuming no improvements to the land had been made.

Updated Valuations

Updated unimproved values for rural properties and mining tenements are provided every year.  Updated gross rental values for residential, commercial, light industrial and several mine site properties are carried out every four to five years.  A revaluation of GRV properties was last carried out and took effect from 1 July 2015.

Council’s approach this year has been to apply a 3.5% increase to the adopted rates for 2017-2018.


Local Government Act 1995 - Section 6.33

Local Government (Financial Management) Regulations 1996 - Regulation 56(4)

Council has adopted differential rating in order to spread the rates burden equitably and at the same time maintain rating on the basis of land zoning and land use.  Council has the following classifications:

Pastoral Leases (UV)                  (9.55 cents in the dollar - $304 minimum)

This classification applies to all pastoral leases within the Shire.  Commencing from around 2005, the State Government instigated a plan to review all pastoral leases throughout the State and revalue their rents.  However, the resultant rent had a direct correlation to the calculation of the unimproved value for rating purposes and would have resulted in very significant rate increases. The solution to this dilemma was to drop the rate in the dollar to achieve relativity to earlier rating regimes, subject to annual increases as part of ongoing rating needs.  Council is satisfied that this approach achieves an equitable basis of differentiation to that of mining lease rating, recognising the relatively low profitability from pastoral operations, the land management and remote area population benefits from the existence of these pastoral operations.

Mining Leases (UV)                  (16.16 cents in the dollar - $304 minimum)

This classification covers mining leases in the rural area with the exception of several mine sites with substantial accommodation villages and processing plants and which are rated on gross rental values. Council is satisfied that mining lease interests are making an equitable contribution to the Shire’s rating effort and that the rate in the dollar is well within the context of the rate in the dollar being applied by all other local governments in the North Eastern Goldfields.

Townsite (GRV)                        (11.32 cents in the dollar - $304 minimum)

This classification applies to the Laverton town site and covers land zoned as Residential, Commercial, Community, Industrial, Mining Tenement, Special Residential and Vacant. Council is satisfied that the basis of rating as set down in section 6.28(2)(b) of the Local Government Act 1995 is appropriate for Laverton town site and that GRV’s generally form a proper and equitable basis for differentiation amongst these properties.

Mining (GRV)                             (8.75 cents in the dollar - $304 minimum)

This classification currently applies to mining accommodation and processing plants for the following establishments:

  • Murrin Murrin (Assessment 4756 & Assessment 4757)
  • Granny Smith (Assessment 3008 & Assessment 4057)
  • Sunrise Dam (Assessment 4627 & Assessment 4628)
  • Moolart Well (Assessment 10256 & Assessment 10257)
  • Brightstar (Assessment 10258, Assessment 10259 & Assessment 10260)
  • Garden Well (Assessment 10261 & Assessment 10262)

Council acknowledges and is satisfied that whilst each of these mining camps is some distance from Laverton, the gross rental value provided by the Valuer-General provides sufficient acknowledgement of the mine sites location relative to the Shire facilities and amenities.  Due to the large valuations associated with these mining establishments, a lower GRV has been applied so as not to place an unfair burden on the mining companies.

Minimum Rating

Council has established a uniform minimum rate across the district.  Pursuant to Section 6.47 of the Local Government Act 1995, Council has agreed where a mining tenement crosses the Shire’s Boundary with a neighbouring Shire, only to claim 50% of the minimum rate should apply, regardless of the portion of the mining tenement in this local government.  This policy only applies to prospecting, mining or exploration licences which are subject to minimum rates.

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