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Hann’s Track

Over a period of nine years from 1903 which included tracks to the south coast and up in to the Rawlinson Range, Frank Hann and his Aboriginal companion Talbot made two trips west to east and back again through some of the harshest country in Australia. Along the way he named features after prominent individuals, family friends and barmaids he had known.

Ultimately a track was formed to the north of Hann’s route along a course now known as the Great Central Road and Hann’s Track disappeared in to the desert. This would still be the case had it not been for Mr Ian Elliot publishing the Hann’s Track Guide Book.

Hann’s Track is a 1250 km four wheel drive adventure that follows one of the expeditions of Frank Hann. This is a seriously remote adventure and a magnet for four wheel drivers seeking a new challenge.

A copy of the Hann’s Track Guide Book can be purchased from the Great Beyond Visitors Centre.

PERMITS required for travelling along HANNS TRACK


A permit is required for the sections that pass through the Cosmo Newberry Reserve and the Ngaanyatjarra Lands.

Permits can be obtained in two ways:

A permit for up to three days can be issued instantly online or by phone via the Department of Aboriginal Affairs:

Please contact:                        Dept of Aboriginal Affairs

                                                Joan Groves

            Permit Officer

                                                Phone:           08 9235 8058

                                                Fax:                08 8235 8030

                                       (Apply for an Entry Permit)


For Permits longer than three days, visitors will need to apply for a Permit through the Ngaanyatjarra Lands Council.

Allow 7 days for the permit to be approved.

Please Contact:                      Ngaanyatjarra Lands Council

           Theresa Standley

                                                Permits Officer

                                                PO Box 644

                                                ALICE SPRINGS NT 0870

                                                Phone:           08 8950 1711

                                                Fax:                08 8953 1892